Intarsia Net  - I developed this site many years ago to promote the Art of Intarsia. This main page includes two Free E-Books to help people get started as well as links to many related sites, wood sources and patterns.

This link is my homepage where you will find many challenging patterns to try.

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My patterns are now available in PDF form. Simply e-mail me your order at and I will send you an invoice through PayPal. If you have a PayPal account you can pay through it or any credit card and I will send your requested patterns.

 We are now PayPal Verified for checks andcredit card processing.

  Contact me if you have questions.  

Ron Tennison of Buffaloworks Photography has created a 6 part youtube video showing the making of my Guardian Dragon  Click the Dragon to see them

This is Teddy. He will be the patterncompleted in the first Intarsia E-Book.

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 Intarsia Net wasmade to promote this art form and for Intarsia artisans to find Intarsia related links, anddiscuss their trade. 

Host and owner: Bruce Worthington 

 These pictures were completed by Stan of Wood Dragon Designs 

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Intarsia E-Book

( online Intarsia instruction book, complete with graphics )

Intarsia E-Book 2

( shaping an intarsia rose )

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   Owned and operated by Bruce Worthington

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These sites carry my patterns as well as many more.




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