Thursday, 31 December 2015

How To Repair Refrigerator

How To Repair Refrigerator


If you are havingproblems with your refrigerator and need help troubleshooting what the issuecould be, you’ve come to the right spot. Below you will find all of ourfridge-related troubleshooting videos, and we also list all of the commonsymptoms refrigerators experience, like not making ice or being too noisy.Select the symptom your fridge is having and you’ll learn about the parts thatcan fix this issue.

When your fridge is noisy, find out how torepair it by troubleshooting the location of the noise, from the evaporator fanmotor in the freezer to the bottom of the fridge with the condenser fan motor.

Diagnose the reason for your leaking fridge,from a faulty water inlet valve to a worn out door seal.

Will not start
Find out how to fix a fridge that will notstart, by examining a few key parts such as the temperature control or thecompressor overload relay.

Ice maker not makingice
Learn how to fix your ice maker when it's notmaking ice and inspect the water fill tubes, water inlet valve and the icemake

Fridge too warm
If your fridge is, too warm thentroubleshooting common parts like the air inlet damper.

Not dispensingwater
If the water dispenser is not dispensing waterthen examine key parts such as the water inlet valve and dispenser actuator.

Fridge and Freezerare too warm
Diagnose the causes of why the fridge andfreezer are too warm by checking a few key parts such as the defrost timer,defrost heater, defrost thermostat or evaporator fan motor.

Door Sweating
When the fridge has doors that are sweatingthen examine key components such as the door gasket, seals and the hinges.

Light not working
Learn how to fix the fridge when the lightwon't turn on but the door is opened.

Fridge too cold
Find out how to repair a fridge that's toocold by troubleshooting the common problem parts like a temperature control orthermistor.

Fridge runs toolong
Troubleshoot why the fridge is running toolong by examining some of the key parts like a faulty defrost timer or thethermostats.

Freezer too cold
Determine why your freezer is too cold bytroubleshooting parts, like the air damper or thermistor.

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Learn the names of air conditioner and refrigeration parts.

        Learn the names of air conditioner and                                   Refrigeration parts.

                            window air conditioner

Refrigerator compressor

Car Ac compressor
Brass access
Drier Filter
Refrigerator compressor Starting Relay
Refrigerator compressor Overload
 Service lines
Air Conditioner condenser
Defrost timers of refrigerator         
Filter and capillary
starting capacitor
Running capacitor
Refrigerator Condenser
Air Conditioner and refrigerator compressor motors     

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Friday, 23 January 2015

How Learning for Air conditioning and refrigeration tools names?

What is Learning Air conditioning and refrigeration tools names

Pinch Off Tool    

                            Flaring tools
   Charging gauges
Ampere meter
Vacuum pump
Gas leaks Detector      

Pipe Bender

Tube Expander

Checking leeds

Gas welding plant

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